HRM Research Essay

 HRM Research Essay

You will research the human resources practices of a country/region other than the US or Canada in

order to compare and contrast the HR practices of your selected country/region with Canadian

practices. Your research can include a report on a specific organization within your chosen



The purpose of this activity is to investigate the international application of Human Resource

theories, concepts, principles and practices discussed in class. You will describe your

country/region’s HR practices in a minimum of four functional areas including: human rights

(employment-related), recruitment and selection, compensation, training, health & safety,

performance management, and/or labour relations, etc.


Your research will also include an analysis of the country/region/company’s culture, greatest HR

challenges in conducting business internationally and recommendations on HRM practices that

may improve the country/region/company’s strategic position and performance over the long term.


You are expected to provide a well-researched, well thought-out paper. Therefore, the use of journal

articles to support your recommendations/suggestions is required.


The journal articles must be scholarly in nature. For example, you might consider the Journal of

Applied Psychology, Academy of Management, Harvard Business Review, and a host of other

journals as they relate to specific topics.


You can speak with the reference librarian for further advice. I would expect no less than 3 journal

articles referenced in your paper. Failure to reference properly will impact your grade. Plagiarism

will result in an automatic zero to your paper and consequences may be more severe in accordance

with the College practice related to Academic Integrity. Be sure to credit the sources appropriately.

When you use someone’s ideas you must give them credit for their ideas. If you are not sure, ASK

your professor.


The research paper of 10-12 pages, double spaced. The intent of this exercise is to provide an

opportunity to examine key learnings drawn from the course material and to gain a better

understanding of the application of HR principles and practices internationally.


1. Conduct research on a country, region (other than Canada & US) as to the HRM practices.

2. Prepare a report that includes, but is not limited to the following: i. An introduction to your report (provide a brief outline of the content of the research




ii. An overview of the role of Human Resources in the organizations within your host


iii. Describe your host country’s human resources practices in a minimum of four functional

areas including: human rights (employment-related), recruitment and selection, training and

development, compensation, performance management, labour relations, and/or health and


iv. Compare and contrast your host country’s practices to Canadian human resources


v. Identify key cultural differences between Canada and your host country and implications

of cultural differences to professional practice

vi. An analysis of the practices, the organization’s challenges and recommendations on HRM

practices that may enhance their strategic position,

vii. Integration of course materials and concepts from the text is essential and additional

research including journal articles is also recommended

viii. Other relevant topics deemed important.

ix. A summary of your report (conclusion)


3. In addition, the following requirements must be observed:

• The research report length should be 10-12 pages,

• It must include a properly formatted bibliography with in-text citations (APA style only)

• Contains scholarly research within 3-5 Academic Journals and use of text

• Double spaced (12 point Times New Roman font), 1”margins

• Section headings

• Accurate spelling and grammar


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