human absurdity 1

Assignment: In this third section of the course, most of the readings provide either an explicit or an implicit argument that human existence is absurd, and then they give some argument concerning what the proper response to this should be. Write a short philosophical essay that (1) explains what it could mean to say that human existence is absurd and without any ultimate meaning, and (2) explains what our response should be in the face of this absurdity. In formulating your answers, you must draw on analyses and arguments in the three of the readings from this third section of the course. (attached)

Length: Maximum of four double-spaced typewritten pages. Use MLA Style. and provide page numbers when sourcing the readings. it is the bottom page number not else. not less than 3 pages and not over 4.

Albert camus is the most important source. Thomas Nagel is kind of responding to camus in a way. USE all three sources.

Please pay very closely to the readings and read thoughtfully through the chapters.


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