Human Geography

1.    Answer the Below Questions using these links


Baby bust: U.S. births at record low

a.      Sample questions:

b.     When to start tracking fertility rate?

c.      What is the current Fertility Rate?

d.     Why young generation postponing having babies?

e.      Birth rate vs economic indicator, Great Depression

f.       “Demographic Intelligence” client list


2.     Selective Abortions Blamed For Girl Shortage In India

a.      Sampled questions:

b.     Why girls are not welcomes in Indian society?

c.      Potential source of dishonor

d.     Problems associated with imported girls to Haryana state

e.      Long-term solutions to the disparity


3.     India’s “Sex drive” solution to population explosion

a.      Sampled Questions:

b.     What prizes were offered?

c.      What the “Electricity offering” is to do with population growth?


d.     When to overtake China as the most populous country?


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