I need help with a mediation workplace assignment

Good afternoon Chris, This is another discussion question I need help with:

1. The six-step model is key to a successful mediation process. What steps would you anticipate to be the most difficult to process through when doing a mediation?

2. This chapter talks about the win-win shared gain strategy. What are the key elements to getting to a win-win during a mediation?The Golden Question is another strategy to use in getting to win-win. Can you create your own version of the golden question, when thinking of a conflict that you have experienced? What golden question would have helped you to compromise?

3. What strategies would you use to manage a Bully Boss? (Video link under Course Materials)

I’ve downloaded pages from the book talk about that and I wrote down the link of the video, I don’t want the answers to be too long,If you have any question please let me know.

Thanks, page 1.pdf page 2.pdf page 3.pdf page 4.pdf page 5.pdf page 6.pdf page 7.pdf page 8.pdf page 9.pdf 



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