i need someone to do my essay someone knowledge about feudalism in medieval times and medieval stories

Directions: Write an essay using the following question. Note: I do not classify a sentence or two as an essay. Appropriate length?: An introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Please use specific examples from the text to complete your essay. So, yes, you must include page numbers and line numbers is applicable. Furthermore, check to make sure your sentences are free from any spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation errors.

1. Define feudalism (as seen in the medieval world).

a. What social classes existed within this feudal system?

– How did feudalism establish order in medieval society?

b. Choose at least two of the works in this unit and briefly discuss how feudalism works.

– What problems are inherent in feudalism and found in these pieces?

2. Compare and contrast the code of honor found in both Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

a. Discuss the historical influence from each culture.

1. Remember to discuss the werguild and the pentangle in connection with their specific pieces.

b. Describe the hero and his purpose for engaging into battle.

1. Define chivalry and discuss its part in the medieval knight’s life.

Be sure to include a brief discussion on the following:

– Duties to countrymen and fellow Christians

– Duties to God

– Duties to women

Due tomorrow at 10pm.


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