Identify the PICOT components for your tentative PICOT question

Please answer ALL questions directly on the provided uploaded template and develop correctly the following PICOT research question. We want to propose a PICOT question about how consuming 1 serving of oatmeal (fiber) per day will minimize total cholesterol in African American women. P(population)=African American women over 35 years old, I(Intervention)=consuming 1 serving of oatmeal per day??(or something like that) C(Comparison=same stated group not eating oatmeal for like 1 month prior (But worded a little better) O(outcome) Minimize total cholesterol blood levels ,T(time) six months? 3 months? You can change this question around to make it make sense.
PICOT Assignment
1. Identify the PICOT components for your tentative PICOT question 

•	P (Population) (1 pt.): 

•	I (Intervention) (1 pt.):

•	C (Comparison) (1 pt.): 

•	O (Outcome to examine) (1 pt.): 

•	T (Time frame) (1 pt.):

2. Formulate and state your PICOT question (3 pts.): 

3. List key words from your PICOT question you will use to begin your search of the literature (be thorough) (2 pts.): 

4. List the databases you plan to use (be specific) (2 pts.): 

5. List type(s) of studies (ie. RCT, quasi experimental) you will include in your search (3 pts.):

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