Identify those who may be impacted by your decisions as a healthcare administrator


You are the General Administrator at the Rainbow Skies Home Health Care Angels agency. In this assignment, you will be analyzing the situation that occurred and formulating evidence-based recommendations to prevent recurrence. After reading the case study and your grading rubric, please address the following questions about this scenario in recommendation memo to the agency’s Executive Director:

1. What is the organization’s legal reporting obligations in this scenario? Analyze the reporting requirements and legal considerations in the context of the case study and evidence base.

2. What ethical issues are present in this scenario? Identify at least two ethical issues. For each issue, identify at least one ethical principle or theory and analyze its application to each of these issues. Note: If you choose the same ethical principle or theory, be sure to provide a well-reasoned analysis for its applicability to each of the two issues.

3. State whether a tort(s) was committed and justify your response.

If yes, identify the tort(s) and each element which establishes that a tort(s)was committed.

If no, explain how you determined that the issues did not rise to the level of a tort.
4. What cultural, religious, or spiritual considerations do you need to consider, and how might they impact your decision making?5. Identify those who may be impacted by your decisions as a healthcare administrator on this matter and provide a brief analysis on ways they be impacted.

6. Is there any information missing which would help you in your decision? If so, what?

7. Propose at least two high quality, evidence-based recommendations, using the analysis you have developed, plus supporting evidence from your course materials and as appropriate from credible external sources. Your recommendations should address the following at a minimum:

Should Nicole be allowed to continue to work at the agency? Why or why not?

What do you specifically recommend to address the issues presented in this scenario?

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