illness also has many meanings

When seeking permanent U.S. citizenship, legal permanent residents take a naturalization exam that questions them on

a. knowing the Pledge of Allegiance.

b. being able to recite or sing the national anthem.

c. elements of the U.S. government.

d. the Congressional district they live in.

Among the very real concerns for all residents of the United States, citizens and legal permanent residents, is the rise in undocumented people entering the country. What impact is this having on health care?

a. Increased numbers of undocumented people are straining health care resources.

b. The rise in undocumented people is contributing to the rise in exotic and rare diseases in the country.

c. There is a concern that undocumented people will lead to bioterrorist attacks.

d. Health insurance is being given to all people in the country ensuring universal coverage.

One recognized deterrent to poverty is

a. the presence of two parents in a family structure.

b. not needing to have housing assistance.

c. not needing to utilize food stamps.

d. living in a household of a male income earner.

While income is not a restrictor for engaging in health-promoting behaviors, higher income improves them through

a. living in better housing.

b. membership in health clubs in suburban areas.

c. increasing opportunities through nutrition and access to facilities.

d. access to better jobs.

Many people and groups have provided definitions of health, but the most widely used definition is that from

a. Nightingale.

b. Rogers.

c. Murray and Zenter.

d. WHO (World Health Organization

As people progress through a health profession education program, definitions of health become

a. easier to explain to others.

b. aligned with the client seeking care.

c. more abstract and technical.

d. well articulated and understandable.

In attempting to define health, what can occur?

a. Listing categories of health will enable understanding of health.

b. Ambiguity is resolved when health definitions are discussed.

c. Terms and meanings can be challenged by others.

d. A full acceptance can be achieved by all parties.

Health status and determinants are used to

a. account for health care expenditures.

b. enforce legislation pertaining to health.

c. determine federal dietary guidelines.

d. measure the health of a nation.

Healthy People 2010 represents

a. health policies providing monetary incentives to states who reach the benchmark goals by 2010.

b. a plan to improve the health of everyone in the United States in the ? rst decade of this century.

c. mandated legislation that will result in a healthier population by 2010.

d. a monitoring system evaluating the health of all citizens.

As with the many variant definitions of health, illness also has many meanings. Illness and the sick role assigned to it are legitimized by

a. the insurance company that pays for the illness treatment.

b. the person having the illness.

c. the health care profession that diagnoses the illness.

d. society’s view of the illness.



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