Impact of Class Designation on Education

UCWR 110

Essay #1 Summary

Rough Draft-sep. 18th by noon and Peer Review Feb. 19th

Final Draft-sep. 26th (No exceptions!)

Length 2-3 pages

Using the readings from this unit, write an essay that summarizes the author’s main points on the impact of class designation on education. We have read: “The Joy of Reading and Writing,” “Reading To Write,” “Learning to Read and Write,” and “Learning to Read.” You need to summarize one article and compare the story with something from your own experience. You do not have to share anything with which you are not comfortable. This does not have to be your own experience with education. It could be someone you know or even something from a movie, television series, or novel. There are no minimum or maximum paragraphs in this essay; however, be sure to give special attention to your introduction, topic sentences, and your conclusion.

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Introduction

a. Catchy introduction

b. Transition to subject

c. Strong Thesis with road map

2. Body

a. Appropriate Language and Word Choice

b. Clearly organized with transitions

c. Strong topic sentences

d. Strong support for arguments

e. No grammatical or spelling errors

3. Conclusion

a. No new material

b. Summarizes each point and emphasizes the argument

c. Restates the thesis


· Your papers must use 1″ margins and be in 12pt, Times New Roman font. Alternatively, 11pt Calibri will also be accepted.

· Quotations are not allowed in this essay.

· Make sure to follow MLA guidelines in your paper.

· Proofread your essay! (Typos and carelessness will adversely affect your final grade)

· Papers that are not at least 2 pages cannot receive a grade higher than a “C-”

On peer review days we will not meet in class; instead, you will upload your essay to Blackboard discussion session. Save the thread as your name so that your peer reviewers can find it. This must be done by noon on the designated day. Then, you will have until the end of our scheduled class on the assigned day to finish your peer reviews. You are only responsible for your current group members. Download their essays and embed comments throughout. Finally, you will reply to their original thread and upload the essay with comments. Include a reply of at least 15 sentences that will help the author improve on his/her essay.

Final papers should be submitted to Sakai the day they are due before class begins. Papers submitted late will be reduced 10% per class day unless you attach to the paper a valid excuse from the Dean of Students’ office. You must bring a hard copy with you to class.


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