Identify a systems or organizational performance problem in your current or previous workplace that may be helped by an innovation.
Search in the library databases for articles on healthcare innovations that may address the problem you have identified.
Select at least three research articles to use for this Assignment.
Innovation Presentation

Imagine that you are presenting on the identified problem at a staff meeting in your current or past workplace. For the meeting, develop an evidence-based narrated PowerPoint presentation to support application of an innovation drawing from the ones you have researched.

Your narrated presentation should be 8–10 slides long and include speaker’s notes. The narration should be no longer than 10 minutes. In your presentation, address the following:

Describe the problem you have identified and why it is important to address. Be specific.
Synthesize the three research articles you read and summarize the takeaways you can apply to your proposed innovation.
Explain your proposed innovation and how it would address the systems or organizational problem you have identified. Be specific and provide examples. NOTE: The response must synthesize and integrate at least two outside resources and two competency-specific resources that fully support the responses provided.
Describe the potential impact of the innovation on patient experience and outcomes. Be specific.
Explain how you would apply the innovation in the workplace, based on the research.
Explain how to address two types of implementation challenges:
those involving staff, leadership, administrators, or other stakeholders.
those involving systems, processes, or technology.


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