Introduction To Psychological Science

Introduction To Psychological Science



We started this class with your learning contract asking specifically about praxis and reflexivity. Now that you’ve learned about Introduction to Psychological Science, the purpose of this assignment is self-assess what you learned about yourself in relation to Psychology? I’m sure you will all agree that this was an intense summer course jam-packed with course content and working hard to build/maintain relationality/community during this Covid-19 pandemic. It is important to reflect and take stock of the small adjustments you’ve made about being a self-directed learner that often do not get reflected in assignments, exams, etc. Please read the evaluation rubric to understand the assignment expectations. Your essay should have at a minimum the course textbook as a reference as well as the required cultural humility journal article (see below). You are welcome to add additional journal articles and/or sources as long as they fit with the overall flow of you essay and they are considered credible.


Read the attached article from Tervalon and Murray-Garcia (1998) and then read your first assignment MyLP and self-assess what you achieved during this intense 7 weeks together, identify what you’re proud of as an aspiring scholar and then identify one area you would like to change going forward.

(a) Precisely defines cultural humility,

(b) Shares what you’ve learned (hopefully in a culturally humble way) about yourself in relation to Psyc 101 (for example identifying one topic that you really enjoyed and one topic that was troubling and list your reasons why) and

(c) Choose one field of psychology that interests you including your reasons why. These fields include, but are not limited to:

  1. Educational Psychology
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Community Psychology
  4. Industrial Psychology
  5. Organizational Psychology
  6. Development Psychology
  7. Cognitive Psychology

Your introduction should briefly include your self-location and positionality. Your conclusion should discuss why its important to incorporate cultural humility into your psychological practice (the benefits to yourself as a scholar practitioner and how this should benefit your future clients). Full marks will be given to those of you demonstrating maximum reflexivity and praxis.



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