Introduction To Psychology


write a 600 words response to share your views on the role of gender in our society. To begin this activity, measure your own gender via the Bem Sex Role Inventory ( Reflect on the following questions:

  • Is this an adequate measure of gender? What is the value of this scale? Can (and should) gender be measured as a dichotomous variable?

Notice that the Bem Sex Role Inventory measures adherence to traditional stereotypes about male and female characteristics. But, what else is involved in gender?

Let’s dig a little deeper concerning the measurement of gender… when is it important to measure gender and when is it important to measure sex? Let’s take a look at an area in which one’s gender and/or sex becomes particularly important… SPORTS! Watch the following videos:

Every individual should have the opportunity to play elite sports, but if gender is unclear, what should we do? The issue of gender identity is not an easy one. Complete the following activity:

Reflecting on these activities, how should we measure gender? What is right? What is fair? Create a video response in which you share your thoughts and reactions to these questions and issues.


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