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Once an individual has become a victim of a crime, there is the mystique of the victim not knowing how the criminal justice system operates and what role the victim plays in the system. The police chief of Anytown Police Department has compiled a group of staff members to put together an instructional document that would explain to a victim about the criminal justice system. You and your group are the team tasked with compiling this document.

       As a group, draft a paper that depicts the various roles and responsibilities of the criminal justice system components: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. Include what civil proceedings a victim can seek against an offender. Finally, include a section that describes a victim’s advocacy program, as well as highlights the services and activities provided to crime victims.

Group Project Portion (1)

•As a group, determine how the following sections of the paper will be divided among the members with regard to victims, roles, and responsibilities:

Law enforcement (assigned to me)



◦Civil Court proceedings

◦Victim’s advocacy programs

•Be sure to divide the above sections equally among members.




Individual Portion Law enforcement (assigned to me)

•Conduct your internet research, and write your portion of the comprehensive document that was assigned to you during the Group Portion (1).

•Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.