Ketogenic and Low Fat Diet Health Improvement

Using the topic you developed in the Research Topic Assignment, select 6 peer reviewed research articles that support the research topic. Use the table template to identify specific characteristics for the articles you choose. The table should be added as an Appendix to the document you submitted for the Research Topic Assignment. Each of the 6 articles should be cited in APA format and included in a reference page that is also attached to Assignment 1.

In addition to the table, you will need to include a narrative of your literature review.  You will discuss the literature you have found to support your research.  This part of the paper should be 2-3 pages in length.  You should appraise and synthesize the articles you have chosen.   You may choose to discuss them according to like themes or some other commonality.  Discuss their strengths and weaknesses, differences and similarities, etc. 
(Attached is the table to use; the already developed topic that was developed and the rubric for the assignment)

Literature Review Template w/Example

First Author (Year)


Methods Sample and Setting Findings Appraisal (Strengths & Weaknesses)
EXAMPLE: Graham, et al. Medical Care. 2012. Pre-post parallel quasi-experimental study Sample: 875 Medicare patients in the interventional group, 2420 patients in the control group.  Included participants had at least 1 hospitalization in 2009.


Setting: Geisinger Heath System (GHS) hospitals and clinics

Those in the GMP intervention group were 44% less likely to be readmitted within 30 days than those receiving standard case management care alone. Strengths:

·      Large sample size.



·      The intervention was added onto an already effective case management intervention implemented by the institution.



















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