Leadership Exemplar

Leadership Exemplar (Required) “Living” the mission, vision and values of Grady Health System and the Professional Nursing Staff Mission: Grady improves the health of the community by providing quality, comprehensive healthcare in a compassionate, culturally competent, ethical and fiscally responsible manner. Grady maintains its commitment to the underserved of Fulton and DeKalb counties, while also providing care for residents of metro Atlanta and Georgia. Grady leads through its clinical excellence, innovative research and progressive medical education Vision: The professional nurse will have a strong voice in nursing practice and patient care, practice the art and science of nursing with excellence and serve as a premier model of nursing practice in the United States. The professional nursing staff strongly supports Grady Health System to become the leading public academic healthcare system in the United States. Values: Excellence We strive for the highest quality in all that we do. The art and science of health require a commitment to lifelong learning and professionalism. Patients are provided excellent, evidence-based quality nursing care, in a compassionate and caring manner. Customer Service We are motivated by a sincere concern for the well-being of all people and we will strive to serve everyone with dignity, respect and compassion. Ethics We maintain the highest ethical standards that recognize the uniqueness of each patient/family through its actions and decision. Teamwork We cultivate an environment of communication, respect, trust and collaboration. Our communication is open, honest and constructive Commitment We are motivated by pride and dedication, determined to achieve goals of the organization and willing to give our best efforts at all times. Courage We are motivated to “do what’s right” and “not what’s popular” Accountability We are responsible and accountable for nursing practice Ownership We take full responsibility for the state of nursing practice and professionalism at Grady. Decisions occur where they should and the decision makers have what they need to make the correct decision
Directions: As a nursing leader, describe how you incorporate the mission, vision and values of Grady Health System and the Professional Nursing Staff into your clinical practice.


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