Letter of Recommendation

Project 1 (of 2) Letter

[25 points]


Letter of Recommendation

You manage the Landmark River Oaks Theatre (2009 West Gray, Houston, TX, 77018). Your film projectionist, Lara Croft, is applying for a scholarship at UH-Downtown. She wants you to write a letter of recommendation for her. If she wins this scholarship, she will probably stop working at the River Oaks.


Video Instructions: You can also watch a 20 minute video where I explain the Final Exam instructions: https://youtu.be/3NyTQW956uw 


Note: This video was recorded for the spring 2021 semester. I reference dates that are not relevant, but the content and instructions are exactly the same for your summer course.


Instructions: Write a one-page letter of recommendation for Lara Croft. Your letter should be single spaced and use the direct strategy (which mean, state your purpose in the introduction). You will provide specific examples and evidence of the applicant’s professional skills, aptitude, and character as it matches the expectations of the scholarship she is applying for.


· First, read the Van Der Linde Scholarship closely. When you write a letter of recommendation you try and emphasize the values and priorities described in the scholarship.

· You will be graded on appropriate business letter format; grammar and punctuation; clarity and fluency of language; professional tone; and persuasive detail.

· Please use topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

· A key component of the grade depends whether or not your audience is convinced by your letter.

· Review the Sample Letter of Recommendation posted in Worksheets—it also includes advice for the development of your paragraphs.

· Both addresses should be single spaced.


Basic Facts for Writing Your Letter:

· Use the Basic Facts provided below to recommend Lara Croft. However, you have creative flexibility with the details.

· What do I mean by creative flexibility? You are encouraged to elaborate and expand on the Basic Facts about Lara’s key accomplishments (or work duties and skills) by adding creative detailssupport, and context that is relevant to the situation and improves the persuasive purpose of your letter.


In her present position, Ms. Croft is responsible for the following:

· Receives and checks the films.

· Repairs and stores the films when necessary.

· Loads the spools onto the projectors in the right order.

· Ensures that the films run smoothly during showings.

· Runs front of the house concession, selling food, interacting with guests.

Important: You are not required to list all of Lara’s daily shift duties listed here—just use which ones help support your argument about Lara.


Ms. Croft works a weekly shift, as well as helping out at film festivals that the River Oaks Theatre sponsors, such as the Red Dead Western Film Fest. She even proposed and helped organize the Summer Classics Tour, which screens double features every weekend of June with 10% of profits donated to Children’s Cancer Center. You are pleased with Lara’s work and happy to help as she is one of your best employees.


Van Der Lind Scholarship: Here is the scholarship Laura Croft has provided to help you focus the recommendation letter:


Van Der Lind Scholarship for any student with a major declared in art. Additional criteria: documented leadership and organizational skills; must be enrolled for at least 9 semester hours. Students interested in applying for this scholarship should include mention of all leadership and community and/or civc involvement.




Send letter to: Arthur Morgan

Address: Hauser Street

Los Santos, CA 90210




Project 2 (of 2) Memo Editing

[25 points]




The premise of this assignment is that you have been sent by your company (ID-TECH) to a conference on the subject of workplace violence. You are required to submit a memo to your supervisor, John Carmack, and provide details on the content and recommendations that you took away from the conference.


However, you still need to edit and condense your rough draft and revise the document for proper tone.

You will want to improve the memo organization and improve the usability of the memo’s content.


Summary of Primary Goals:


1. Edit the document for clarity and concision and proper tone. Tone is created through word choice, so if a word seems awkward, or too casual, then change it.

· Focus on the facts and how to communicate them efficiently. You will cutcondense, or change any words, phrases, or sentences that are wordy, repetitive, or non-essential to the memo.

· You will find 1 example of passive voice that you need to change to into active voice.

· You will find 2 “comma splices” that you need to fix.

· Try to condense the language and material on the memo by approximately 20%. The memo is currently 571 words in length.

· Proofread the document for any spelling, grammar, or typos.



2. Organize the content—the body—of the memo. Use the sample memos in Worksheets in the folder labelled, “Final Exam: Memo Samples.”

· Use these sample memos as general models and inspiration for the organization of the body of your instruction memo.

· Use any design elements from the samples that helps you effectively label and organize the material/body of the memo.

· Use any graphical elements that help you organize the information: headers, bullet points, numbers, boldface, and a colon for any long lists—use whatever you think is most relevant.

GRADING: You will be evaluated on the clarity and concision of the content, proper tone, memo format, organization, and overall usability of the document.







TO: John Carmack

FROM: [Your Name Here]

DATE: ????



I attended the Office Vita Conference on March 1st. The topic pretty much focused on the subject of how companies can prevent any particular instance of workplace violence. I found the stuff they discussed totally fascinating. Although we have been fortunate to avoid serious incidents at our company, it’s better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. As the representative from ID-TECH, i thought you would appreciate it if i reported on a few of the most relevant recommendations for preventing workplace violence that i heard about while i attended the conference.


The specific individual who hosted the conference is Mr. Masters, a Human Resources Consultant. The consultant’s name is Mr. Masters. Mr. Masters was the key note speaker and he is an award-winning expert in his field. Three primary recommendations were made by Mr. Masters, which I will summarize below.


Mr. Masters made three essential recommendations. First, to prescreen job applicants was one initial thing that he recommended for any organization. He indicated that prescreening would save the company sundry money and various resources. He said it would allow us to avoid the agony of having to terminate some unstable soul later in the year. Needless to say, wise companies do not offer employment until after the company has gone through the process of checking a candidate’s background. He indicated that just the mention of a background check is enough to make candidates withdraw. Adopting that strategy is a no brainer in my opinion. As a result, we should not offer employment until after the candidate’s background has been checked.


Companies should prepare a really good employee handbook. That handbook should outline what employees should do when they suspect possible and potential workplace violence. This handbook should include a good way for informers to be anonymous. As a matter of fact, in graduate school i recall this strange incident where I had to report another student who was using the department copier for personal use. I got pretty upset that we didn’t have an anonymous method of reporting the incident. Mr. Mathers suggested that including a good employee handbook that includes good methods for anonymously reporting threatening behavior is a way to ensure that employees have a safe and awesome strategy for alerting management to warning signs.


His third recommendation had to do with recognizing red-flag behavior. This recommendation involves having employees get training from managers on how to recognize signs of potential workplace violence. What are some of these red flags? Well, let me tell you. He offered a list of 4 warnings signs that I will list below. One warning sign is an increasing number of arguments with coworkers. Another warning sign includes complaints of sexual harassment, another warning sign is extreme changes in behavior. Another warning sign is bullying. Another warning sign is bringing a firearm to work or displaying an extreme fascination with firearms.


The last stage of resolution for handling workplace violence is to recommend counseling with the Human Resources Consultant. The benefits of this strategy are: to encourage employee accountability, protecting the company against liability, and reinforce the organization’s core values and mission statement.


Mr. Masters will also be offering another Office Vita Conference in the spring. The conference will be held on April 1st. Please contact me by email or phone and if you would like me to attend, I would be totally willing to continue my research on this important subject.




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