Marketing class ===> Organization: “8Wynn Resorts”

Organization: “8Wynn Resorts”

1) Identify your organization’s dominate strategy.

(Low cost) or (Differentiation) or (Customer Intimacy) 
  •  write some supporting evidence?
  • To what degree do the other elements help support your organization’s dominate strategy? 
2) Impact of E-commerce and social Media
  • How does the organization use e-commerce and/or social media?
  • what competitive advantage does your organization have based on its use of e-commerce and/or social media?
3) Complete Industry Structure Analysis.
  • provide a description of rivalry among existing firms?
  • describe the threat of new entrant?
  • list suppliers?
  • list intermediaries & buyers?
  • list substitutes?
4) Creating Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.
  • Identify how your organization creates satisfaction and loyalty?
  • What is the current satisfaction scores for your organization or a competitor’s organization? list the source
5) Plan to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Lloyalty.
  • Idea?
  • Implementation plan?

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