Mediation conflict assignment

Hey Chris, This is another assignment that I need help with, First I need help with doing a journal. Do you remember the first journal you did? The second journal is based on the first one and this is the journal description: 

Second Journal Entry: Identify the key issues for all parties involved in the 1st journal entry. I’ve downloaded the first journal to you to remember.CONFLICT AT SAMBA BANK.docx . The journal should be 1 page or 1 page and a half and should be written APA style.

Also, I need help answering this question, What strategies do you think would be most effective in dealing with a Bully Boss based on the video, Games People Play? What strategies would be ineffective when dealing with a Bully Boss? I wrote down the video link, and the answer should be a brief paragraph. Thank You so much and if you have any question please let me know.


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