• Create a 2-page weather-related employee newsletter for a chain of resorts.
  • The newsletter should include:
    • Names of your 3 fictional resorts
    • Detailed 7-day forecast for each resort
    • Temperature and precipitation outlook for the next 2 weeks.
    • Information for employees at the respective resorts as to how the forecast may impact their activities and events. While you are creating the fictional resorts and resort activities, the cities are real; you may want to research what events are going on in those cities for the forecasted time period.
    • Images/graphics
    • 1-2 paragraph summary at the end of the newsletter explaining both how you found your forecasts and how meteorologists forecasted the weather for those cities (Hint: Chapter 12).
  • Locations: Virginia Beach, VA; Newport, RI; Coronado, CA
  • Detailed forecasts should come from the National Weather Service (you may want to dig a little deeper than the front page for each city).
  • 2-week outlooks should come from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.
  • Grading Rubric
  • Submit as Word document or PDF by clicking on the “Final Project” link above.
  • Grading Rubric
    • 100 Points: All sections of newsletter complete
    • 50 Points: Clear understanding of how forecasts were developed
    • 25 Points: Newsletter well-written and formatted
    • 25 Points: Creativity

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