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    For the Unit 4 IP, search the AIU library and Internet for “ethics and government contracts” and policies and procedures or a “code of ethics” for contracts. Locate three specific case examples for unethical incidences dealing with contracts. Review the three incidences and write a  paper on the following:

    • Identify the 3 cases.
    • What is the misconduct surrounding the unethical incidences in the contracts?
    • Are the standard policies and procedures or a code of ethics adequate to government contracting (justify your answer)?
    • Identify the violations on the individual involved, as well as the weakness of the oversight of the organization in which the unethical incident occurred.
    • Identify the consequences on the firm and the individual.

    Please submit your assignment.

    For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

    Unit Materials


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