Midterm exam week 4 Accounting


  1. A company had total assets of $1,760,000, total cash flows of $1,320,000, and cash flows from operations of $205,000. This implies its cash flow on total assets ratio is equal to _____?


    1. Everrine Corporation owns 3,000 shares of JRW Corporation. JRW Corporation has 25,000 shares of stock outstanding. JRW paid $4 per share in cash dividends to its stockholders. What is the entry to record the receipt of these dividends?

      QUESTION 3

      1. A company must repay the bank $10,000 cash in 3 years for a loan it entered into. The loan is at 8% interest compounded annually. The present value factor for 3 years at 8% is 0.7938. What is the present value of the loan  ?

        QUESTION 4

        1. What is a cash equivalent investment?

          QUESTION 5

          1. What are comparative statements?


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