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This is not a team project. There are no international students that we need to interview.

Formal Business Report: Gathering Data for Expansion Into Another Country (Objs. 4,5 and 6)

Formal Business Report: Gathering Data for Expansion Into Another Country

U.S. businesses are expanding into foreign markets with manufacturing plants, sales offices, and branches abroad. Many Americans, however, have little knowledge of or experience with people from other cultures. To prepare for participation in the global marketplace, you are to collect information for a report focused on an Asian, Latin American, European, or African country where English is not regularly spoken. Before selecting the country, though, consult your campus international student program for volunteers who are willing to be interviewed. Your instructor may make advance arrangements with international student volunteers.

Your Task. In teams of three to five, collect information about your target country from electronic databases, the Web, and other sources. Then invite an international student representing your target country to be interviewed by your group. As you conduct primary and secondary research, investigate the topics listed in Figure 13.6. Confirm what you learn in your secondary research by talking with your interviewee. When you complete your research, write a report for the CEO of your company (make up a name and company). Assume that your company plans to expand its operations abroad. Your report should advise the company’s executives of the social customs, family life, attitudes, religions, education, and values of the target country. Remember that your company’s interests are business oriented; do not dwell on tourist information. Write your report individually or in teams.


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