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hello i need help with this assignment. i started it but i need help to finish it. can u plz follow my plan ?

i send it my question and the starting of my work ?   

Raving fans by Ken Blanchard is wonderful business book.This is totally different type of book that i have not read before.The book has many business math and solutions for problems within business.The common themes in all business are customers.In order to open business or to be scufessful in business good customer services must.There should be relationsship between buyers and shoukd have aim for cusomer engangment.according to the write Kan blanchard’doesnt matter what kind of business is it wethear its profession pracrice,a hosptial,or a government angency,sucess comes to those,only those,who are obbsed with looking after their customers”.In business field it doesnt matter what kind of busines you’re into as long you have plans,strenth and knowloege what cusomer asking for.anyone can be successful by proving good cusomer service and make customers
believe that this compnay ding giving cudtomrs more than compettieors.In my opinon i think auhtor choose this themes becase its the way to attract customers and spread publicity by giving cusomers 100%.

There are many effective situation in business.For example.”when customers are silence”.If customers don’t make comments about the service or appreciate then there is a problem.Also in the book mentioned when a customer says im fine another sign of problems.The busiess need to have good customer service constandnly.Business owner cant lack of consistencty in business.Business need to meet cusomer focus basivially saying cusomer expections becuase if business dont fullfill cusomers epections there is big chance they might loose the cusomters.There shoykd be honest relatinshop bwteen cusomers and bsiness,ebcuase without trust and commiment business cant be succesful neither become profitable.

In my opinion i would recommend creating Raving Fans would be helpful,because in some cases i think they do need to be change specially the part where they have arguments about how things should be and differentiate in between them.I would recommend to change the secrets between business and customers.If a business have secrets from its customers there are always some type of hidden secrets leaves customers in dark or under shadow.I don’t think there should be any differences between business and customer.customers should be treat with honestly.

If i was building a business i would really really create raving fan .OR maybe create something similar to raving fans.I believe it will be very helpful for a successful business especially in today’s economic condition.For example,when i brought my car for business i had to plan many things such as,financial arrangements ,the location and the people whom i should speak everything was
plan even though it wasn’t written down somewhere like raving fan but it was planned in my head for very long period of time.Also it is very nessescary to know who will help u out during your need and whom should u ask for help.You cant ask anyone you need to have plan knowloege how to arragment money that you need for buiilding a business.

I would apply the knowledge i have learned from the book raving fan very well and will try to stick with the plan and see how its goes.specially with a good planning and creating raving fan will be clear that what you’re doing is right.Creating raving fan can also see and moving forward to right directions in business.most of the ideas and suggestion Raving fan made i totally agree and believe it’s do able and everybody should do before launching any business if they committed to be successful very sooner than others who doesnt create raving fans.I would apple it in daily business and
make sure everything goes on plans and always have backup plan.Especially when there are problems in the business always have to find solutions or alternative solutions so business does not buried.


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