Neurological disorders

Neurological disorders are highly studied in the field of neuropsychology. We will study some of these disorders throughout the term. Please select disorder and discuss the following in a well-organized PowerPoint presentation:

  • Identify your disorder.
  • What are the primary symptoms of this disorder?
  • What areas of the brain are impacted/damaged by this disorder? Include relevant/current brain scans you might find on the internet of your selected disorder.
  • What treatments exists for this disorder?
  • What role (if any) does neurogenesis/neuroplasticity play in a person recovering (or not) from this disorder?
  • Create an 8-12 PowerPoint slide presentation to explain your responses and illustrate your findings. Please support your points with information from the text and at least 2 additional peer-reviewed journal articles from the library (from 2015 – present). Be sure to include speaker notes. Take care to use APA formatting in citing your sources in both your speaker notes and a reference slide.
  • Include images for the reader.

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