New and exciting Prof Avril

New and exciting Prof Avril

When responding to the peers post, consider whether you see a clear connection between the questions they ask and the natural sciences. Based on this review, do you think you could further clarify your own post? Remember that when you respond to your peers in the discussion forum, your tone and language should be very respectful. Your feedback should be constructive, meaning that it focuses on positive aspects and how the presented ideas might be strengthened.


My name is Cody Ater and I am from a small farming village in Ohio. I am finishing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science currently. I live with two cats, a dog, multiple fish in our aquarium, and my fiance Brandon. I recently began an internship with a company in the city to gain some experience and knowledge (and hopefully networking!) to future my career opportunities.

The topic I read about was

“Role of earthquake motions in triggering a ‘surprise’ tsunami”

Summary: In September, 2018 tsunami that struck Sulawesi, Indonesia that left scientists scrambling to understand what caused the incident. The initial shock and confusion was caused by the fact that the earthquake that took place before the tsunami “primarily offset the ground horizontally” (Gauss Centre for Supercomputing, 2019), which was contradictory to the precedent of tsunamis being caused by vertical displacement instead. A new implementation of supercomputing models has shed more light on what caused this tsunami to take place in such a short period of time, as well as information about the factors that can lead to them.

How can this new information be used to improve the way that similarly situated fault lines are alerted and prepared for the speed of an upcoming earthquake, or the potential for a tsunami following close after?

With the successful application of this new supercomputer model for earthquakes and tsunamis, how can this application be altered and applied to other fault line setups around the world?


My name is Jessie. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter who is the one motivating me to do better and get my degree. I currently live in South Carolina in a small town right outside of Charlotte, NC. (We are far enough inland that I should not be affected by the hurricane so no worries there.) I just recently moved here from Tennessee to get a better job in a bigger city. My goals for taking this course are to learn to let curiosity take over and want to learn more about everything.

Questions about the eruptions:

Is there any way we can accurately monitor the fault lines for us to know about eruptions and earthquakes in advanced?

What are we to expect with the eruption happening under the ice? Is the ice going to stop the lava and the lava be a river under the ice, or is the lava going to erupt straight up through the ice?

My Article:

School readiness impaired in preschoolers with ADHD symptoms

Just because a child has reached a certain age does not mean that he/she is ready for school. Toddlers already have ADHD like symptoms (that is just toddler behavior), but not all of them grow out of this phase and are ready to transition into a classroom setting at such a young age.

Is it something that is happening at home that does not have him/her ready for a classroom situation?

Does his/her parents childhood correlate with his/hers? It behavior genetic or learned?


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