New and exciting Research assignment

New and exciting Research assignment

Research a current public policy in the state of Florida, either recently enacted or under consideration. These Resourceswill help you begin your work. The list below provides examples of popular public policy topics that may help you narrow your search:

    • care of the elderly or disabled
    • capital punishment
    • college tuition assistance
    • crime
    • crowding of jails
    • education
    • environment
    • health care
    • taxes


    • wireless communications

Use this Policy Analysis Templateto write a public policy analysis. Be sure to include the following:

    • an explanation of the public policy idea, including text from the bill itself
    • the costs and benefits of the policy idea for different groups of people
    • your recommendation on the policy idea
    • reasons for and evidence to support your recommendation

MLA citations, in MLA Format, for your sources of information


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