New and exciting Week 4 – Assignment: Essay 4

New and exciting Week 4 – Assignment: Essay 4

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Week 4 – Assignment: Essay 4

Due: Sun, 27 Jul | Status: Not Completed )

Answer the following question. Your response must be 3-4 pgs and in correct essay format. Do not forget to cite your sources and include a bibliography using Chicago Manual Style. Papers should be in Times New Roman 12pt font.All essays must be uploaded to the dropbox by Sunday at midnight.

Write a 3-4 pg. response for the following reading, “Contemporary Asian Art and the West.” In the response briefly summarize the article, identifying/describing the thesis and argument made by the author(s). Think about the author’s assumptions, intent, attitude, bias, and finally analyze the arguments made by the author. In addition, consider how the content in the article relates to the case studies as well as the material presented in the book.

You will be assessed using the Reading Response Grading Rubric.


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