New And Precice Health Behavior

New And Precice Health Behavior

In Unit 4, you completed an Assignment where you identified goals and objectives for a proposed health intervention, project, or program for your chosen health issue. For this Assignment, you will build upon your previous work by reflecting on your goals and

objectives as they relate to diversity and multiculturalism within your profession.

This Assignment has two parts, both of which should be addressed within this paper. You will begin this Assignment by providing a 2-page analysis assessing the significance of diversity and multicultural perspectives within public health and health education fields.

Please identify why it is important to consider multiple perspectives before beginning an intervention.

The second part of the Assignment is to reflect upon the goals and objectives you created in Unit 4. As they are written, could they be applied to a diverse or multicultural population?

How would they need to change to be culturally sensitive or inclusive?

Conclude this Assignment with a short discussion on strategies to implement these changes.


  •  Provide proper APA style citation and referencing for all sources used to develop goals and objectives.
  •  Submit your assignment to the DropBox for grading by the due date.

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