New And Precise Anthropology Essay

New And Precise Anthropology Essay

Find a NEWs article that addresses an example of evolution ( A new article is an article from a media source like a newspaper or magazine tsuch as the New York Times , Fox , The Was Post , Vice etc. that addresses a current event. It does not include  sources like Wikipedia, ehow , dictionarlies , academic journals, or other information websites)

2. Write a 300 word essay that essays that answers the following questions

a. What is the modern synthesis of evolutionary theory?

b. What evidence is there to support the theory ?

c. How does the article you chose exemplify the theory of evolution at work in the world today ?

3.Your essay should

be a total of 300 words or more

the 300 word limit Does Not includ the questions , names , titles , and references

it also does not include meaningless filter statements

have factual information from the textbook and /or appropriate articles and websites

be originalwork and will be checked for PLAGIARISM

you will receive a zero if substantial portions of your work are taken from other sources without proper citation

cite your sources type references accordin to the APA Style Guide

type your essay in a word document .


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