New And Precise Communication 2 Aging

New And Precise Communication 2 Aging

Answer all of the questions listed. You must be specific, provide details in your answers, and use your text and other sources to back up any opinions. Appropriate college level writing is required.  Use of small i’s or text abbreviations, and yes and no answers WILL NOT be accepted.



  1. List and discuss 3 physical changes that occur with aging.(i.e. saggy skin – occurs because…)
  2. List and discuss 3 mental changes that occur with aging.
  3. Discuss actions you can start taking now to avoid some of these occuring and to ensure a healthier aging process.

Death and Dying

  1. 29 year old Brittany Maynard made the news last year because of her fight to choose her own day to die. Please watch the video below and then comment your opinion on what you heard. Be specific in your arguments and cite the video for full credit.   Brittany Maynard: Choosing Her Day to Die
  2. Many of us tend to deny death or are uncomfortable talking about it. How could death become a more acceptable topic to discuss?

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