New And Precise Communication 8

New And Precise Communication 8

This weeks questions all have to do with sports programs and professions. Many of you may not even be going into a sports related field, but the majority of you have been around sports in your lifetime. The face of sports is ever changing, and not always for the better.

1.  To what extent has your experience in sport (either as a participant or a spectator) been similar or different from those described in this chapter?

2. School sport has come under fire recently due to budget cuts in education. Discuss what school sports would be like if there was no more funding through the school? Would this lead to a more inclusionary or exclusionary model?

3.  As I am writing this question, we are in one of the most exciting times in KC sports right now! Many of you have never experienced the Royals in the playoffs (the advantage of being old!) and are seeing the fruits of many persons labors over the last 30 years.

a. To what extent does the quality of preparation for nonparticipant vocations in sport (pages 259-260) relate to the future development of sport? Why?

b.  Which of these professions would you find to be the most exciting, and why,  if you were given the opportunity in your life? (Remember, not everyone likes to be in the limelight so your answers will vary on this!)

c.  Finally, how has the recent scandal(s) in the NFL affected societies view on professional sport, and what could have been done differently in your opinion? This can be a sensitive topic for some, so use good netiquette when answering this question!


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