New And Precise Data Collection Exercise

New And Precise Data Collection Exercise

This week you will be completing a Data Collection Exercise.  In this assignment, you will conduct a variety of exercises, all with the intent of helping you learn how to compile data, present it in a visual way, analyze it, and then draw conclusions from it.  This exercise will challenge you, but it will also help you to gain skills necessary for the rest of your academic, and professional careers. Some helpful hints follow:

Hint 1: You need to create a separate mini table/chart for each of the global warming information in the  years provided..

Hint 2: Properly cite your sources for all the data you retrieve and enter on the chart!  This means more than using the tables that are included in your resources data collection week 6 folder.    Tell me precisely where you retrieved your data.  I have to be able to click on this link and go directly to your source. All information not properly cited will be penalized. For all of the data that you enter on your final chart, I should be able to get to it easily. Any information I have to search for will be penalized.

Hint 3: On page 3 of the data collection exercise, “Total Shipments (Value in $)”, please use:
Sales, receipts or shipments ($1,000) 31-33 Manufacturing.

*When collecting data, you always want to include the location of where you retrieved your data. On such a huge data collection assignment, you want to make sure that those who are reviewing your data can easily locate and verify your data. You also want to make sure that you give credit where it is due. With such a huge information portal such as, it is especially important that you cite your sources as there are many different locations on the website for you to locate data.*


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