New And Precise DB Assignments

New And Precise DB Assignments

Do you know where your food comes from? Throughout history, self-sufficiency has been the norm for acquiring food such as grains, meats, fruits, and vegetables. People and nations grew their own food and traded only on a local level. Today, food trade between nations has intensified, food is shipped thousands of miles across the globe, and world trade in agricultural products exceeds $1 trillion annually.

Part 1

Food security means that everyone has an adequate amount of nutritious food to lead healthy lives. You can consider this concept for individuals, for families, for countries, and for the entire human population.

  • How well is the United States doing in reaching the goal of food security?
  • Can the United States provide food security at home? Can the United States help other nations meet food security goals? Why or why not?
  • What are some things that could be done to reach global food security goals?
  • Think both in terms of growing and distributing food, technology, and global food trade.

Part 2

Choose one of the foods that you have in your kitchen, fridge, or pantry.

  • Where is this food item grown or raised?
  • How far has it traveled to get to your home state? Give an estimate in miles.
  • Read the article in the Web Resources about the Eat Local Initiative by Sarah DeWeerdt.
  • Taking into consideration both benefits and drawbacks, do you think it is it best to buy the food item you chose from a local or from an imported source?
  • Explain your position using specific facts.




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