New And Precise Decreasing of the Bees Research

New And Precise Decreasing of the Bees Research

Submit a reference list showing your research for the Environmental Issues Project. The reference list should have a minimum of 6 sources and follow the APA format.

You reference list can include citations from articles, your textbook, books, magazines, interviews, the Internet, etc. Make sure that the list is in alphabetical order.


Environmental Issue:


Decreasing of the Bees


The disappearance of bees is a very frightening scenario, undeniably. I have heard that bees are directly or indirectly responsible for 2/3 of all the food we eat.

They almost-exclusively pollinate the alfalfa on which our dairy and beef cows feed. They pollinate our corn, soybeans and countless other crops that we depend upon for our survival. I have read in previous newspaper articles that there has been a decrease in the amount of bees in six European countries due to harsh winters and pesticides in general.

Wasps, hornets, beetles and butterflies have taken their place.  I know that bees pollinate a greater amount of the food chain needed to survive. Otherwise, God forbid the wasps, beetles, butterflies and hornets are the next to go.

However small they may be, honey bees are one of the most important species on the face of the earth and we should be doing everything we can to protect them.


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