New And Precise Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Communication

New And Precise Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Communication

  1. Describe an example of either disaster preparedness, disaster communication, OR disaster response, either from actual disaster in the United States that describes each using a real or fictitious scenario within a state or local jurisdiction. Military applications should not be used as they operate differently.


  1. Write a short essay, 2 to 3 typewritten or computer-generated pages, 12 font in Times New Roman.
  2. Every paper must contain both citations and references in APA.


Each of your three essays must include:


  1. A Title Page
  2. Abstract that summarizes the essay
  3. General Introduction of the topic
  4. Research the web and others sources for your responses.
  5. Discuss the topic required.
  6. Analyze what you have learned and evaluate it expressing your thoughts and supported opinions on the topic.
  7. Suggest changes in the topic based on society’s needs today
  8. Reference page, using APA style ( (Links to an external site.))

You must demonstrate that you understand the terminology and the concepts used. You must write using APA format for all source citations in both the body of the essay and in the reference page.


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