New And Precise Drosophila Lab Report

New And Precise Drosophila Lab Report

Drosophila lab report.

1) I will upload for you the drosophila lab report Rubric.

2) I will upload the data of F2 phenotype.

3) the lab report expected ratios:

independent assortment 9:3:3:3

Genetics linkage 9:3:3:1

x linked / autosomal 2:1:1 ( female wt : male wt: male mutant )

3:1 ( wt : mutant ) apterous.

4) I will upload an introduction for this lab report but at the same time there is a lot of mistakes , you have to read the comment and correct them.

be careful please about the plagiarism and the read the citation required

not any citation be allowed, there is a required citation like peer review , journal …………………


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