New And Precise Eco-Advantage Strategy – Can It Work?

New And Precise Eco-Advantage Strategy – Can It Work?

Week 6 Discussions and Required Resources

Assignment must be at least 200 words unless otherwise noted. Please read all attachments and follow ALL instructions.

To receive full credit you must include at least 2 citations of scholarly support to your answers for each discussion post (i.e. Discussion One – 2 citations, Discussion Two – 2 citations).  Citations should be within your post and include (Author, year, page number) if you are using a quote, page number is not required if you are paraphrasing.  Just listing references and not using them in your post does not count as a citation or support.  You can use your textbook as scholarly support and remember to include a reference for the support cited.

Eco-Advantage Strategy – Can it Work?

Discuss whether you believe that an eco-advantage strategy is feasible for most businesses. Identify at least one type of business or industry in which an eco-advantage strategy might not work. Explain your reasoning. In your opinion, will businesses that cannot adopt a sustainable or “green” business strategy during the next 30 years be able to survive? Why or why not?

Required Resources


Esty, D.C., & Winston, A.S. (2009). Green to gold: How smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantageHoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

· Chapter 11: Taking Action

· Chapter 12: Eco-Advantage Strategy


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