New And Precise Eco Footprint

New And Precise Eco Footprint

1. Data collection: Go to:> Footprint Basics -> Personal Footprint to calculate your ecological footprint overall

  • use the bottom set of questions; they’re more sophisticated and will give you a more accurate “footprint”)
  • print the results page that will tell you how many Earths would be needed to support the planet’s current human population if everyone lives like you do
  • scan this as a .jpg or .pdf file that includes your name
    • ex. CMigliaccioResults.pdf

2. Analysis: Now answer the following questions in a 2-3 page word processed, MLA-style paper.

  • Retype the four questions below and then follow with your response.
  • Skip a line and then continue to the next question


2. You may copy/paste these questions into a MS Word document, answer the questions, save (filename=<title of assignment>your initials.doc.and upload this document to the Drop Box.

  • Example: EFACM.doc); then attach and submit. Adding your initials to the filename helps me locate your file when I download it to my computer.

HINT: the average page in MLA format has about 250 words/page, so your word count should be 500-750 words for this assignment.

Questions (respond to all four; number your responses)

  1. In your own words, what does the term “ecological footprint” mean to you? Why do you think this term is used? What was your footprint? (2 points)
  2. What did you learn about yourself from this activity? (3 points)
  3. What can you reasonably do to minimize your footprint? Be practical and realistic as you consider your current circumstances (geographical, job, family, educational, etc.)  (3 points)
  4. How does this activity connect to this course? (cite specific connections to your readings, Forum discussions, Unit objectives) (3 points)

3. Finally, submit your findings by the due date on your Calendar

  1. upload your scanned Results page and your Analysis paper to the Ecological Footprint Dropbox

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