New And Precise Ecological Niche Predator Competition Tropical Rain Forest

New And Precise Ecological Niche Predator Competition Tropical Rain Forest

  1. Americans make up less than __________ of the total human population, yet use close to __________ of the world’s resources.


[removed] 1%; 50%
[removed] 5%; 25%
[removed] 0.1%; 75%
[removed] 0.01%; 80%


  1. The current rapid loss of species is considered by many scientists to be another mass extinction. This increase in extinction rate, beyond background extinction, is thought to be due to:


[removed] a recent increase in earthquakes worldwide.
[removed] human population growth and the resulting habitat changes worldwide.
[removed] global climate change.
[removed] changes in the number of solar flares observed recently.


1.    On a warm summer day in August, you decide to go for a walk through a new housing development that was built near your home a few years ago. As you walk by the pond that is in the center of this development, you notice an unpleasant smell. Then, you see that the pond is full of green algae, and there are dead fish floating on the surface. This is a pond that used to be clean and clear, and you used to play in it as a child. What could have most likely caused this change?


[removed] Too many people are discarding food and other wastes in the pond, causing increased algal growth.
[removed] Lawns are being over-fertilized, causing excess fertilizer to wash into the pond, stimulating algal growth.
[removed] The low reflectance of the surrounding area is heating up the pond, causing increased algal growth.
[removed] The salting of the roads during icy conditions in the winter has resulted in the runoff of salt, which stimulated algal growth.


1.    An owl eating a seed-eating mouse is an example of what?


[removed] Producer
[removed] Primary consumer
[removed] Secondary consumer
[removed] Tertiary consumer


  1. Why does Dallas, Texas, have a higher yearly average temperature than Chicago, Illinois?


[removed] Dallas is at a higher latitude than Chicago.
[removed] Chicago experiences more prevailing westerly winds than Dallas.
[removed] Dallas receives more solar irradiance than Chicago.
[removed] Dallas is closer to a large body of water, than is Chicago.


  1. Match the term to its definition or characteristic.


  Ecological niche
  Tropical Rain Forest
  Ecological footprint

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