New And Precise Environmental Change

New And Precise Environmental Change

Find areas where you believe that you could change one of your habits and have an impact on an Environmental Science related issue. For each area of impact you should have several slides. 1) Introduce the change (5 pts): Example: Shower less often with slightly cooler water 2) Explain the connection to Environmental Science (10 pts): Example:

Now explain all the ways this is connect to Env Science. Two easy ways I see for this example would be explain why water is a scarce resource and also energy to warm cool water to take a hot shower. 3) Layout and expand on the Impact Connections (10 pts): Example: Now give details or data on how the above are impacting the environment. Each year XX gallons are wasted because of etc etc.

Make sure to discuss all impacts, so include info on energy to heat the water etc etc 4) Discuss the possible effects that might result because of your change (20 pts): Example: This is the big one. What does your change mean to the environment? BY reducing my shower time byXX it would blah blah blah. 5) Describe what you could do to inspire others to make the same change (10 pts): Example: I would come up with a campaign to have everyone make the change blah blah blah. This would increase the effect by blah blah blah.


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