New And Precise Environmental Impact Statements Critique And Presentation

New And Precise Environmental Impact Statements Critique And Presentation


Several folks have asked some very good questions about their presentations. I am guessing that a number of you also have similar questions – but just have not gotten around to asking them yet. So . . . .

Your project presentations can take place on any of the indicated days on the sign-up sheet (previously sent – or see my copy before or after class) when you feel you are ready to present – up to and including Wednesday of Finals Week – BUT NO LATER.

Please keep the following in mind:

1. You must sign-up for a day – no fair just ‘popping in’ and presenting.

2. By default, everyone is ‘signed-up’ to present during their regularly scheduled Final Exam period – unless you yourself tell me otherwise (see #3).

3. You can sign-up in one of several ways:

a. You can email me with your preference and I will add you to the list,

b. You can stop by the classroom and tell me in person,

c. You can download the sign-up list, fill in your information, and email me the list

d. The four ‘slots’ shown for each day ARE NOT LIMITATIONS, they are only placeholders. If five or more people want to present on a given day then five or more people will present on that day.

4. During Finals Week the 5:30 p.m. class is usually assigned a two-hour Final Exam period on what is normally the first class day of the week – which for this semester would be on Monday of Finals Week. The 7:00 p.m. class gets assigned their two-hour Final Exam period on what would normally be the second class day of the week – i.e. Wednesday. YouARE NOT BOUND by those assigned periods – you may present on either day during Finals Week, or before. You will not be limited to the two-hour time period either. Depending on the Exam schedules for our classroom we can usually get started 30 minutes early – and we will stay as long as it takes for everyone signed-up on that day to make their presentation. { I have not checked the Final Exam schedule – but I will verify which session is scheduled on which day of Finals Week.}

5. You MUST have your written critique posted where your classmates can read it before you make your presentation. Ideally I would like you to have it posted 1 week before your presentation – that way your fellow students and I will have a chance to read it before you make your presentation (I most definitely will read it!). Regardless – you WILL post it, at a minimum, of 72 hours before your scheduled presentation date. The document that you post need not be your final version – the one you want graded – but it should be awfully close to your final version.** If what you post is not the one you want graded, then just give me the version you want graded when you make your presentation. Otherwise I will grade the version that has the latest modification date. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make absolutely sure that you send me the CORRECT version that you want graded!! You would be surprised (or maybe not) at the number of times I get rough drafts or just parts of someone’s document.

6. BONUS opportunity – each student can ‘critique’ (as in ‘grade’) a fellow student’s written critique and/or oral presentation for extra points. I will post the appropriate critique forms that you can download and fill in – I will also have blank forms available in class on the nights of the presentations. You can fill out the form in class and turn in as you leave – or you can take the forms with you and fill them out at your leisure (see 7 c) below) and return them to me at the next class or email them to me.

7. I will establish a folder on the Blackboard site for written projects and oral presentations. To post your document and/or presentation to the Blackboard course page, you can either . . .

a) Post it (upload it) to the site yourself – just be aware that students cannot post things to the site directly. When you post something it will go into a ‘pending’ status and I will receive a message that there is something being posted that needs my approval. I will then go in and approve your posting at which point it will go from ‘pending’ to ‘posted’ and it will show up in Blackboard.

b) You can send your written project (and you oral presentation if you want me to post it ahead of time) to me and I will post it for you.

c) Written critiques and oral presentations will remain posted on the Blackboard site for the duration of the semester for students to refer to in filling out their critique forms..

8. There is NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM length to your document – like your Exams, it is as long as you need it to be to say what you want to say and to make your point. Being succinct and concise is appreciated but not mandatory.

Remember that you will have approximately 20 minutes to make your presentation – including a couple of minutes for Q&A. If you do not need the full 20 minutes then don’t try to extend you presentation out to 20 minutes with ‘fluff’. If it takes you 11 minutes then it takes you 11 minutes – if it takes you 26 minutes then it takes you 26 minutes. However, if you run onto 35 – 40 minutes or more and there are folks waiting to present after you – I will not ‘lynch’ you, but your peers might.

I hope this addresses everyone’s questions – asked or pending. If not – you know where to find me or how to get a hold of me.


** I say this because while you are using your written document to prepare your presentation you may want to make some final ‘tweeks’ to the document so that it is in sync with your presentation. Your presentation SHOULD NOT introduce new material that is not in your written document. You may however, personalize your presentation with some things that are not in the document – for instance you could state in your presentation why you selected the project that you did or the factors that you chose to cover in detail, which is not something that you might normally put into the written critique of the project.


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