New And Precise Environmental Issue Project Part 1

New And Precise Environmental Issue Project Part 1

Project Description

Project Introduction:

Throughout this course, you will be studying and researching the environmental issues that impact our world today. As you study these issues, you will not only learn the basics of environmental issues but also research their scientific and social causes and critically evaluate the solutions. Through this project, you will conduct an in-depth study of an environmental issue of your choice. You need to prepare a research paper on the selected environmental issue. Utilizing your creativity, and your critical thinking skills, you will analyze the selected issue using the problem-solving method and suggest potential solutions. In preparing this research paper, you will be required to conduct a thorough library and Web research to strengthen your research skills.Course Objectives Tested:

· Explain the basic principles of environmental science.

· Analyze the role of culture, economics, and politics in shaping environmental issues.

· Use the Internet to research concepts of environmental challenges confronting contemporary society.

Project Submission Plan:

Project Part Description/Requirements of the Project Phase
Project Part 1 Tasks:

1. Review and research some major environmental issues. Select a topic to research in greater depth.

2. Submit your topic and an annotated bibliography of at least four credible references for the topic from a variety of media and internet.

You may consult the following Web sites for instructions on how to prepare an annotated bibliography:

· (last accessed March 1, 2007)

· accessed March 1, 2007)

· (last accessed March 1, 2007)

· (last accessed March 1, 2007)

In your annotation, comment on the following:

· The authority or background of the author

· The intended audience

· A comparison or contrast of the work with another you have cited  or an explanation of how the work illuminates the selected topic

Deliverables and Format: Submit your topic description and annotated bibliography in a Word document in approximately 1/2 page, with 50 words per citation and 50 words for the topic description. Font: Arial; 12 point Line Spacing: Double



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