New And Precise Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

New And Precise Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices


SITXENV001A: Assignment

What you have to do

There are two parts to this assignment:

Part A: Short response questions

Part B: Research and extended response questions

To complete this assessment you will need to study relevant online learning resources that have been provided on the OLS (Online Learning Support) internet website.

Follow instructions on the OLS to ensure you progress through learning material in a logical sequence and to assist with completion of this assignment.


In your answers you will be assessed on how well you:

· demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding

· communicate ideas and information, using precise industry terminology and appropriate workplace examples

· Organise information in a well-reasoned and cohesive response

· Solve proposed issues or problems



Ensure you correctly reference all resources including specific internet website URLs in your bibliography and/or acknowledging authors accurately within the body of the assessment.

There are constant changes with internet websites, their content, URLs, hyperlinks, licenses or fees for use and other issues associated with online learning and technologies. Therefore the reference and resource information provided may be altered and/or become inaccessible without prior knowledge.

If you are unable to locate relevant information for your Tourism studies or assessment research, contact your OTEN teachers for assistance.

Part A: Short response questions (72 marks)

1. Explain the key message this unit of study conveys to you. 5 marks

2. Define the meaning of ‘environmental sustainability’. 5 marks

3. Explain the following environmental issues as they relate to the tourism and events industries. Provide a relevant example of each that clearly demonstrates your understanding. 18 marks

a. Sustainability

b. Waste management

c. Energy use and efficiency

d. Resource use and efficiency

e. Water resource management

f. Recycling/re-use

4. 12 marks

a. Identify four (4) typical resources that you use regularly at work and explain where or how these resources are used. (8 marks)

b. Explain what methods are in place to measure the usage of these resources in your work place (or place of study) eg documents, checklists, stock control tools, software etc. (4 marks)

5. Define the following terms: 16 marks

a. Compliance

b. an Act

c. Regulations

d. Codes of practice

6. Discuss the main features and intent of the following environmental legislations: 16 marks

a. Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW) and amendments (6 marks)

b. Codes of Practice (‘WorkCover’ NSW) – Control of Workplace Hazardous Substances (6 marks)

c. Assess and discuss whether your workplace (or place of study) is affected by any regulations related to protecting the environment (4 marks)

Part B: Research and extended response questions (28 marks)

1. Under the following headings, make suggestions to help improve workplace practices in your own work area (or place of study). 20 marks

a. Opportunities for more efficient use of energy and resources including the use of alternative forms of energy. Provide at least four (4) examples. (4 marks)

b. Use of renewable, recyclable, reusable and recoverable resources. Provide one (1) suggestion for each of these resources. (4 marks)

c. Strategies to avoid environmental hazards. Provide two (2) examples of each. (4 marks)

i. purchasing sustainable products

ii. regular maintenance of machines and equipment eg: air conditioner, photocopy machine, office equipment

d. Waste minimisation – provide four (4) examples of each. (4 marks)

e. Removal and disposal of non reusable materials in a responsible manner. Provide two (2) suggestions for each of these. (4 marks)

i. work materials and consumables

ii. chemicals and hazardous substances

2. Discuss briefly how your suggestions will improve the business you work for and/or your place of study? You need to provide four (4) valid points. 8 marks

Assignment Checklist

I have:

· completed each question

· acknowledged authors and provided details of resources used in a bibliography

· provided student name and details for identification on all components

· attached the correct Result Slip to this assignment.

LA011106, Assignment, SITXENV001A, Ed1 © State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Training 2009, Version 1, November 2009

LA011106, Assignment, SITXENV001A, Ed1

© State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Training 2009, Version 1, November 2009


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