New And Precise Markerting Research Paper

New And Precise Markerting Research Paper

Follow the guidelines of a professional report which includes the following:

The  final project for this course is to combine the information gained from  a quantitative survey and a qualitative focus group into one cohesive  10 to 15 page, double-spaced report that addresses a research objective.

œ The cover page  can contain graphics. Overall, it should look professional and contain  the company name, class name, Professors name, Bellevue University, and  date.

œ Executive Summary page – ¾ of a page maximum, completed last, that provides a summary (not overview) of the entire Project.

œ Table of Contents page

œ The  body of your paper which contains the quantitative survey portion  followed by the qualitative focus group portion concluding with an  overall analysis and at least two solid recommendations.

œ Reference Page – a minimum of six references are required.

œ Appendices (final survey and tallies; focus group outline and questions plus sample responses from questions)

œ The assignment needs to be double spaced, 12 pt. font.

œ Sub-titles  need to be italicized (on a separate line) reflecting the subject being  discussed and used appropriately throughout the paper.

œ The  first line of a paragraph needs to be indented five spaces. Paragraphs  need to be written in a clear concise manner using proper grammar,  spelling, and punctuation indicating gained knowledge of the subject  matter.

œ Use APA Endnotes (Author, Date) followed by a period to properly cite all information; for example: (Jones, 2007).

œ Follow  the APA examples in this syllabus for in-text and reference page. APA  non-compliance results in a 10 percent loss in total points.

œ Include an APA reference page, listing all sources used in alphabetical order.


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