New And Precise Microbiology Homework, Eukaryotic Cell

New And Precise Microbiology Homework, Eukaryotic Cell

1-Construct a chart the reviews the major similarities an differences between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell.

2- Describe the anatomy and functions of each of the major eukaryotic organelles.

How are flagella and cilia similar?

How are they differents?

Compare and contrast the smooth ER, the rough ER, and the Golgi apparatus in structure and funtions.

3- For what reasons would a cell need a Skeleton.

4- Differentiate between the yeast and hypha types of fungal cells.

What is a mold?

What does it means if a  fungus is dimorphic?

5- What is a working definition of a protis?

6- Briefly outline the characteristics of the four protozoan groups.

What is an important pathogen in each group?

7-Suggest some ways that one would go about determining if mitochondria and chloroplast are modified prokaryotic cell.

8- Explain the general characteristics of the protoan life cycle

9- What general type of  multicellular parasite is composed primarily of thin sacs of reproductive organs?

10- Can you think of a way to determine if a child is sufering from pinworms?,Hint: scoth tape is involved.


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