New And Precise MOS 5201 Safety Engineering Unit 3 DB OSHA

New And Precise MOS 5201 Safety Engineering Unit 3 DB OSHA

Course Textbook APA Citation:

Asfahl, C. R., Hammer, W., & Price, D. (2004/2001). Occupational & industrial safety health management and engineering(2nd Custom ed.). New York, NY: Prentice-Hall.


Chapter 8 comes from an OSHA publication on job hazard analysis.


MOS 5201 uses a custom textbook including only information used in this course, resulting in a more cost-effective textbook than typically available otherwise.


Discussion Board

OSHA 1910.147(a)(2)(ii)(B), gives an exception that allows a company to not meet Lockout/Tagout provisions in certain situations.

“Minor tool changes and adjustments, and other minor servicing activities, which take place during normal production operations, are not covered by this standard if they are routine, repetitive, and integral to the use of the equipment for production, provided that the work is performed using alternative measures which provide effective protection.”

A plant uses a large enclosed abrasive cutoff saw that requires replacement of the abrasive wheel once a shift. It takes the position that the above exception allows it to use a procedure in lieu of formal lockout/tagout. The procedure requires the saw operator to turn the saw off during wheel replacement. Do you agree the described activity is exempted? Why or why not?


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