New And Precise Physical, Chemical And Biological Hazards On Construction Site1

New And Precise Physical, Chemical And Biological Hazards On Construction Site

The final applied project will be an assessment of the potential hazards that could be found in a construction workplace setting. Students must be able to identify a suitable location to conduct such assessment. The assessment includes a written report in the form of evaluation sheets. For the Applied Project, students must identify an actual location to conduct a survey aimed to identify the different types of hazards (physical, biological, chemical) that can be found at the selected location. The task involves the development, and completion of the survey, including the final delivery of a report in a written form. Background information must contain at least 5 peer-reviewed or official government references, at least some of which should be obtained via the UMUC library. The project must be written up as a 10-page report that contains a cover page, table of contents, introduction, report body with at least three headers, any evaluation/survey sheets. and at least one graphic (i.e., table or graph), conclusion and recommendations, and bibliography cited in APA format. Proper citation of references is required throughout the report.

For this report I have chosen a construction site which is doing home renovations on a home in Baltimore MD. I have attached the suggested essay plan. I will attach the completed survey once written report is completed.


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