New And Precise PowerPoint NIASU

New And Precise PowerPoint NIASU


Week 3 (Unit 6)- Assignment- Nursing as Knowledge Workers Powerpoint Presentation


Take a look at how you or your work area uses data to make decisions about patient care. Consider a specific situation in which access to data could facilitate better problem-solving and new knowledge. Describe the data that can be used and how the data can be collected. What knowledge might be derived from this data?  Example: you can collect data from the EHR’s of patients who have had hip and knee arthroplasty during a specific period and discover the number of patients who have developed infections within the timeframe.

a. Review the first chapters of your text about the concepts of nurse leaders and knowledge workers.

b. Define what nursing informatics and the role of the nurse in obtaining and using knowledge gained from technology use.

c. Reflect on the role of a nurse as a knowledge worker in the scenario you created.

d. How would the nurse assess and collect data? And what knowledge does the nurse gain from the data is formed?

e. Create a short (no more than 10 slides) powerpoint presentation to express these concepts and to share the hypothetical scenario. Include the points from above in the presentation. Add graphics to create visual stimuli. Ensure you add citations in text as necessary and create a title page and reference page. **An example is located in the course documents to stimulate your thinking.

*Locate the Presentation grading rubric for more general guidelines that are expected


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