New And Precise Related To Bakery CS

New And Precise Related To Bakery CS

Assessment Task 3




MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


Assessment Task 3

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Assessment Task 3



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information you will need is available at website.

What environmental regulations are there at work?

When you are working, you need to be aware of environmental regulations in the workplace. If you cause damage to the environment, it is no excuse to claim that you did not know about the environmental regulations that apply in your state or territory. A number of different pollutants can cause damage to the environment. These are noise, solids, gases and liquids. State and territory governments, as well as the local councils, enforce environmental regulations. You need to be aware of these legal requirements. You also need to keep in mind what is expected in your workplace. If an incident occurs in your workplace (such as an oil spill) that could cause actual or potential harm to people or the environment, you are required by law to notify the environmental authorities. You will need to let your manager know, too. Always report any actual pollution incident or potential pollution incident to your manager.


For example, in NSW it is an offence to cause noise pollution as the result of not

maintaining and operating plant equipment in an efficient condition.


It is an offence to pollute land. Land pollution includes placing in or on the land any

substance that could degrade the land and cause actual or potential harm to the health

of humans, animals or ecosystems.


Air pollution includes emitting odours, volatile compounds, visible plumes, smoke,

unburnt fuel or any other air impurities into the air. For example, in NSW it is an offence

to cause air pollution as the result of:

 Not operating plant equipment.

 Not undertaking maintenance work in a proper and efficient manner.

 Not maintaining plant equipment in an efficient condition.

 Not dealing with materials in a proper and efficient manner.



Assessment Task 3



Any liquid substance has the potential to cause environmental harm: fuels, oils,

industrial chemicals, paints, solvents, pesticides, fertilisers, waste liquids, wash water,

process liquids, even food ingredients (eg liquid egg, milk and oils) or food products (eg

mayonnaise, sauces, juices and syrups).

If you produce, use or store any liquid substance, then you need to consider the

associated pollution risks and take action to reduce those risks.

Briefly, when you are storing liquids, you have an obligation to:

1. Immediately contain any spills to ensure water does not become polluted. For

example, through the use of spill kits and bunting in the workplace.

2. Prevent spills and leaks to the environment by storing liquids in a location where

it cannot be washed or blown into the environment. Even ‘safe’ substances such

as milk can cause serious water pollution if they enter the environment.

3. Dispose of any wastes appropriately so that they do not pollute the environment.

Think about the consequences of getting rid of the waste.


Adapted from the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW, ‘Storing

and handling liquids: Environmental Protection Participant’s Manual’. Used with



From the information above, write a report detailing how your business

complies with the regulations and what improvements could be made.

Use the J.H.I.T. Café as your business example.


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