New And Precise Research Paper On Global Warming/Climate Change

New And Precise Research Paper On Global Warming/Climate Change

Environmental Science






Write a clear, focused, well-organized paper that indicates that you can present a researched topic in the environmental sciences.




As mentioned in class, pick any topic in Environmental Sciences that also reflects your interests and background




Your paper must be written on a computer and turned in via the Turn-it-in in blackboard. Papers may be turned in up to 24 hours after the deadline with a 20% penalty. After 24 hours, your essay will not be accepted. No exceptions. Your topic with an outline is due February 13th.


Aim for the paper to be ~8 pages long. Slightly longer or shorter papers are OK, but you will lose points if you are off by more than a page. Your list of references does not count against the page limit.


Make sure that you introduce/define all the terms/concepts before you actually discuss their effects. For example, you need to describe what greenhouse gasses, albedo, and the global carbon cycle are before you can clearly discuss how the different factors affect global climate change.




You must read and cite at least 3 scientific papers in your essay. Scientific papers are peer reviewed and contain a bibliography (list of references at end). You may use textbooks for your scientific references, but NOT the textbook for this class.


Examples of scientific journals are:



Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences


Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Journal of Climate

Climatic Change

Geophysical Research Letters

Scientific American


Include an alphabetical list of references at the end of your essay, structured as recommended by the American Meteorological Society (


Books: Reference must consist of last name and initials of author(s), year of publication of book, title of book (italicized or underlined), publisher’s name, and total pages.


For example:

Wallace, J. M., and P. V. Hobbs, 1977: Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey. Academic Press, 350 pp.


Journal articles: Reference must consist of last name and initials of author(s), year of publication of journal, title of paper, title of journal (italicized or underlined), volume of journal, number of issue (only if required for identification), and first and last page numbers of the paper.


For example:

Archer, C. L., and M. Z. Jacobson, 2007: Supplying baseload power and reducing transmissions requirements by interconnecting wind farms. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 46, 1701-1717.


You must acknowledge and identify the work done by others in your written text by citing the appropriate paper/book. Example:

As mentioned in Wallace and Hobbs (1977), the weather data in the US …


Quoted material should always be quoted exactly word for word and enclosed in quotation marks, followed by the citation. Example:


“Wind is the world’s fastest growing electric energy source” (Archer and Jacobson 2007).


No more than 5% of the text can be direct quotes.



V. Scientific names must be properly formatted. The genus and specific epithet must be italicized when typed and underline when written. The genus must be capitalized and the specific epithet lowercase. Ex: Genus: Rana, Specific Epithet: boylii = Rana boylii




I will use the following rubric to grade your paper.








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